"Entre Cervantes y Shakespeare," edited by Zenón Luis-Martínez and Luis Gómez Canseco

"Entre Cervantes y Shakespeare," edited by Zenón Luis-Martínez and Luis Gómez Canseco

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Entre Cervantes y Shakespeare: Sendas del Renacimiento/
Between Shakespeare and Cervantes: Trails along the Renaissance, edited by Zenón Luis-Martínez and Luis Gómez Canseco.

Read the review by J. A. G. ARDILA (University of Edinburgh) in ANALES CERVANTINOS.

This book suggests new directions in the not frequently explored field of comparative studies of Spanish and English Renaissance literature, namely the connections between the works of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

Beyond any improbable conjecture on biographical coincidence or personal acquaintance, and assuming little else than the fact that Shakespeare read the 1612 translation of the first part of Don Quixote, the papers in this volume—in Spanish or Englishtackle thematic, formal, cultural, and ideological meeting points in two complementary directions.

The first part, "Crossroads," analyses contexts and projections of each author in the other's culture: Shakespeare's representations of Catholic Spain, the English origins of Cervantism and the Cervantine nature of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English novel, or the pioneering work of Luis Astrana MarÌn in suggesting meeting points between Shakespeare and Cervantes constitute its main focus.

The second part, "Parallel Paths," searches for literary and cultural motifs, as well as poetics and traditions coincident to both authors: the ideology of blood, festive and carnivalesque characters, representations of madness, iconographic and emblematic sources, Renaissance love discourses, the uses of romance, and the influence of Apuleius are just some of the endless trails which along the Renaissance brought together both writers.




RICHARD WILSON. «To Great St Jacques Bound»: All’s Well that Ends Well in Shakespeare’s Spain

DANIEL EISENBERG. The Man who made Don Quixote a Classic: The Rev. John Bowle 

JOSÉ JAVIER PARDO GARCÍA. La tradición cervantina en la novela inglesa: de Henry Fielding a William Thackeray

JOSÉ MONTERO REGUERA. Luis Astrana Marín: traductor de Shakespeare y biógrafo de Cervantes


ROLAND GREENE. Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Early Modern Blood

AUGUSTIN REDONDO. En torno a dos personajes festivos: el shakesperiano Falstaff y el cervantino Sancho Panza

VALENTÍN NÚÑEZ RIVERA. Cada loco con su tema: perfiles de la locura en Shakespeare y Cervantes

JORGE CASANOVA. Entre rostros ficticios y textos reales: écfrasis y emblema en Cervantes y Shakespeare

ELENA DOMÍNGUEZ ROMERO. Montemayor, Shakespeare y Cervantes: sendas paralelas o caminos de ida y vuelta

ZENÓN LUISMARTÍNEZ. Preposterous things shown with propriety: Cervantes, Shakespeare, and the Arts of Narrative

LUIS GÓMEZ CANSECO y CINTA ZUNINO GARRIDO. Razones para las sinrazones de Apuleyo: Shakespeare y Cervantes frente al Asno de Oro


Series: Documentación cervantina «Tom Lathrop», Nº 25
ISBN: 1‐58871‐104‐8 (PB, 352. pp.) $42