About Us

Our Early History

Linguatext has been publishing language textbooks since 1974, when Tom Lathrop first produced the trial edition of our European Portuguese book, Portugal: Língua e Cultura. Back then, we were called The Cabrilho Press, named after the Portuguese explorer who discovered California. That edition went through eighteen printings before we published the second edition in 1995.

In 1980 we published a second-year Portuguese textbook, Para a Frente! by two authors from Cornell University. This book is now in its second edition and has been reprinted over twenty times.

LinguaText incorporated in 1989 and made plans to publish "niche books" in other languages, so that much-needed, but modestly-selling textbooks could be produced to serve the education community.

LinguaText, Ltd.'s first book was a Spanish reader, Macario, which has been popular in AP Spanish classes in the high schools and is still in print today. Our next book was a modern French edition of the Old French Les Lais de Marie de France, destined for university undergraduates who study medieval French literature. The Brazilian companion to our European Portuguese book, called Brasil! Língua e Cultura was in the planning stages since 1978, but was not published until 1992. Towards the end of the nineties, Brasil! and Portugal: Língua e Cultura became two of the best selling Portuguese language textbooks in the US. In 1994, a very updated Panorama de la literature española, by Nicholson Adams and John Keller, was published, and is now part of the Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs imprint. In 1995 we published Go Dutch! a first-year college-level Dutch textbook. Go Dutch! remained in print for 20 years. 2007 saw the publication of Richard V. Teschner and Antônio R.M. Simoes' Pronouncing Brazilian Portuguese and Annette G. Cash and James C. Murray's text on translation, Teoria y tecnicas de traduccion: primeras etapas, now in it's second edition.

Acquiring imprints

In 2004, LinguaText, Ltd. merged on paper with the other companies started by Tom Lathrop (in what we jokingly referred to as a "hostile takeover"), Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monograph(named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain), Cervantes & Co., which publishes Spanish classics for students, and Molière & Co., the French counterpart.


Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs has published over 400 titles, at least 200 of which are still in print. Cervantes & Co. now lists over 80 active editions for students, and Molière & Co., which culminated in 2020 with the publication of Diderot's Encyclopédie, boasts 24 editions for students of classic French literature.

Towards the future: serving the community

LinguaText continues to publish 10-20 new books every year. We are happy to serve the academic and scholarly community by publishing a wide range of research and original thought from well-known and rising scholars. Many new and exciting projects are always underway.


Tom Lathrop,† Ph.D., Founder. Professor of Spanish, Emeritus, University of Delaware. Tom's groundbreaking work as the co-author of "Brasil! Língua e Cultura," and "Portugal: Língua e Cultura," paved the way for his "The Evolution of Spanish." His unique Spanish edition of "Don Quijote" for students became the template for all the Cervantes & Co. and Molière & Co. classic editions. His English translation of "Don Quixote," originally distributed by Cervantes & Co., was later acquired by Signet Classics. He adapted his English translation into a children's book, "The Misadventures of Don Quixote," with illustrations by the famed illustrator Jack Davis, whom Tom had contracted to illustrate the covers of most of his books. His final work "The Spanish Acquisition: An Underground Grammar" was completed posthumously by Tom's brilliant wife Connie and is available now.

Michael P. Bolan, Publisher, owner. Michael has worked in publishing for over twenty years and has a BFA in Illustration, Art History and Philosophy from the University of Delaware. Michael apprenticed with Tom Lathrop until taking over Linguatext and the imprints in 2012.

Michael McGrath, Ph.D., General Editor: Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs.
Professor of Spanish, Georgia Southern University.

Matthew Wyszynski, Ph.D., General Editor: Cervantes & Co.
Associate Professor of Modern Languages, University of Akron.

Ted E. D. Braun, Ph.D., General Editor: Molière & Co.
Professor of French, Emeritus, University of Delaware


Founding Editor
Tom Lathrop †
University of Delaware

Michael P. Bolan
Cervantes Society of America

General Editor
Michael J. McGrath
Georgia Southern University

Editorial Board

Vincent Barletta
Stanford University

Annette Grant Cash
Georgia State University

Gwen Kirkpatrick
Georgetown University

Mark P. Del Mastro
College of Charleston

Juan F. Egea
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sarah L. Lehman
Fordham University

Mariselle Meléndez
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Eyda Merediz
University of Maryland

Dayle Seidenspinner-Núñez
University of Notre Dame

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Washington University in St. Louis

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Yale University