"The Poetics of Word and Image in the Hispanic Avant-Garde" by Catharine E. Wall

"The Poetics of Word and Image in the Hispanic Avant-Garde" by Catharine E. Wall

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The Poetics of Word and Image in the Hispanic Avant-Garde by Catharine E. Wall. 

This book explores that relationship between the verbal and visual arts in the Hispanic avant-garde, from its rise in Spain and France in the 1910s to its subsequent development in Hispanophone Latin America throughout the 1920s. The survey travels by country to explore the way in which this phenomenon spread geographically and germinated differently in distinct cultural and regional contexts, but still continued to maintain an internal consistency that spanned the Hispanophone world.


List of Illustrations...8
Verbal-Visual Chronology...11

Introduction. The Verbal-Visual Aesthetic in Theory and Practice...15

1. The Hispanic Avant-Garde in Europe, 1909-1922...31

2. Ultraísmo and Martinfierrismo in Argentina, 1921-1927...79

3. Estridentismo in Mexico, 1921-1927...121

4. Continuity and Change in Uruguayan Literature, 1919-1931...165


Appendix 1. Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s Greguería Alphabet...201
Appendix 2. Documents of Ultraísmo in Spain and Argentina, 1918-1922...209
Appendix 3. Descriptive Catalog of Germán List Arzubide, El movimiento estridentista (1926)...211
Appendix 4. The New Aesthetic in Uruguay, 1919-1931...221

Glossary of Movements, Groups, and Ismos...247
Critical Survey of Source Documents...253
Works Consulted...263


ISBN 978-1-58871-188-5 (PB, 298 pp.) $48