"The Poet as Hero: Pedro Salinas and his Theater," by Susan G. Polansky

"The Poet as Hero: Pedro Salinas and his Theater," by Susan G. Polansky

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The Poet as Hero: Pedro Salinas and his Theater, by Susan G. Polansky. 

Polansky's study focuses on the poet‐protagonists who animate communication between characters in the plays of Salinas. She investigates how Salinas, a poet living in exile, turned to theater to express nostalgia for his personal past, to find a connection to literary tradition, and to show his concern for the difficulties of modern life.

Table of Contents:


Part I: The Genesis and Aims of Salinas’s Theater
  1 Salinas: Poet and Correspondent
     Salinas’s Letters to Margarita
     Salinas’s Letters to Jorge Guillén
     Salinas’s Letters to Katherine Reding Whitmore
  2 Salinas: Poet and Essayist
     Poets and their Vision of Reality in Salinas’s Studies of Poets and Poetry
     Salinas’s Studies of Jorge Manrique and Rubén Darío
     Salinas’s Essays on Jorge Carrera Andrade and Federico García Lorca
     Modernity, Communication, and Theater: El defensor and La responsabilidad del escritor
     Spanish Playwrights and the Construction of Reality
  3 Salinas: Poet and Émigré
     Exile as a Spanish Circumstance and a Defining Feature of Salinas’s Generation
     Salinas’s Literary Studies and the Theme of Exile
     Salinas’s Separation from Spain

Part II: The Poet in the Theater
  4 Poet and Plot: The “Fabula” of Confinement‐to‐Freedom
     “Reality in Fable Form”: The Fabula of Confinement‐to‐ Freedom
     Freedom and Felicitous Outcome
     Freedom and Tragic Outcome
     The Poet in the Plot
  5 Poet and Plot: Two Variations
     A Nostalgic Transplanting: El chantajista
     An Anguished Prophecy: Caín o una gloria científica
  6 Poet and Perception: The Poet as a Visionary
     Salinas’s Views of the Poet’s Capacity to See
     Viewer‐Guiders and Guided Viewers
     Eyes, Windows, Mirrors, and the Scope of the Poet
     Sightedness and Blindness
  7 Poet and Circumstance: The Poet’s Bridge between Tradition and Modernity
     Tradition, Modernity, and Cervantine Values
     The Poet’s Bridge Completed: La Estratoesfera
     The Poet’s Bridge Interrupted: Judit y el tirano
     The Poet’s Bridge of Hope: Los santos

CONCLUSION The Poet’s Place


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