"Self, Other, and Context in Early Modern Spain," edited by Isabel Jaén, Carolyn A. Nadeau, and Julien Jacques Simon

"Self, Other, and Context in Early Modern Spain," edited by Isabel Jaén, Carolyn A. Nadeau, and Julien Jacques Simon

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Self, Other, and Context in Early Modern Spain, edited by Isabel Jaén, Carolyn A. Nadeau, and Julien Jacques Simon

Table of Contents


Howard Mancing’s Autopoiesis: A Journey of Self-Creation and Adventure; Isabel Jaén, Carolyn A. Nadeau, and Julien Jacques Simon

Reflections on Howard’s Life, Work, and Legacy; Amy R. Williamsen

The Publications of Howard Mancing

I. Cognitive Literary Studies

The Case for Teaching Cognitive-Literary Studies: Approaches, Challenges, and Benefits; Jennifer Marston William

Psychologizing Literary Characters in Fernando de Rojas’s Celestina: The Emergence of Mind in Early Modern Spanish Literature; Julien Jacques Simon

Cervantes’s El casamiento engañoso and the Failure of Theory of Mind: The Machiavellian Abilities of Campuzano and Estefanía; Steven Wagschal

The Pleasures of Pretense: Quarantine and Cosplay in Don Quixote; Barbara Simerka

Inside Out: The Arts of Our Embodied Minds; Catherine Connor-Swietlicki

II. The Human Body and the Mind

Skin and Touch: Flesh, Glass and El licenciado Vidriera; Charles Victor Ganelin

Hecho reloj: Human Clocks, Bodies and Sexuality in Early-Modern Spanish Humorous Literature; Rachel Schmidt

De lo que se come se cría: Diet and Procreation in Early Modern Spain; Isabel Jaén

Se le secó el celebro: Food as an Empathetic Response in Don Quixote; Carolyn A. Nadeau

Fear and Torture in La Mancha: The Embodied Memories of Sancho Panza; Massimiliano Adelmo Giorgini

III. Author and Protagonist: Inside the Mind of a Genius

The Unbearable Simulacrum of Being: Staging Ontology in Calderón de la Barca’s Great Stage of the World and Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York; Bruce R. Burningham

Banished from Parnassus: Cervantes in the Shadow of Success; Frederick A. de Armas

The Mind’s “I” in Don Quijote; Edward H. Friedman

Don Quixote and the Knight of the White Moon; John Jay Allen

Chiaroscuro in Cervantes’s Persiles (1617); Marsha S. Collins


Series: Homenajes, #49
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