"Essays in Hispanic Linguistics Dedicated to Paul M. Lloyd," edited by Blake/Ranson/Wright

"Essays in Hispanic Linguistics Dedicated to Paul M. Lloyd," edited by Blake/Ranson/Wright

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Essays in Hispanic Linguistics Dedicated to Paul M. Lloyd, edited by Robert J. Blake, Diana L. Ranson, and Roger Wright.

Table of Contents


1. Paul M. Lloyd: A Scholarly Portrait and Bibliography; STEVEN N. DWORKIN

2. The Subject-Role and the Relexicalization of Old Spanish and Old Portuguése aver; BIRTE STENGAARD

3. Periodization and how to avoid it; ROGER WRIGHT

4. Standard vs. Dialect: Linguistic (Dis)continuity in the Iberian Península; RALPH PENNY

5. Systematic Vowel Shifting in Vulgar Latin and Middle English; JERRY R. CRADDOCK

6. Ahora: From Temporal to Discourse Deixis; CARMEN SILVA-CORVALÁN

7. "La ciencia de hoy, mata toda poesía": Villamil de Rada's Spiritual Adventure in Comparative Philology; MICHAEL T. WARO

8. Additional Evidence of Template Formation in Spanish; DAVID PHARIES

9. Morphological Shift in Old Spanish: The Paradigmatic Relationship between -ecer and -ir verbs; RAY HARRIS-NORTHALL

10. Variation in Voicing in Spanish Syncopated Forms; DIANA L. RANSON

11. The Relationship between Lenition, the Strong Word Boundary, and Sonorant Strengthening in Ibero-Romance; KENNETH J. WIREBACK

12. Lingüística histórica e historia cultural: Notas sobre la polémica entre Rufino José Cuervo y Juan Valera; JOSÉ DEL VALLE

13. Toward a Hístorical Syntax of Castilian; DIETER WANNER

14. The Rise and Fall of Old Spanish 'y'all': vos todos vs. vos otros; JOEL RINI

15. The Etymology of Sp./Port. aterirse 'to be stiff or numb with cold', aterecerse 'to become stiff or numb with cold', and Sp. derrretirse/Port. derreterse 'to melt, thaw'; THOMAS J. WALSH

16. Italian niente < NE INDE: An Aragonese Analog; ANTHONY P. ESPÓSITO




Series: Estudios lingüísticos, #6; Homenajes, #15
ISBN 978-0-936388-81-6 (PB, 268 pp.) $45