"Chivalry, the Mediterranean, and the Crown of Aragon," edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

"Chivalry, the Mediterranean, and the Crown of Aragon," edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

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Chivalry, the Mediterranean, and the Crown of Aragon, edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña

Chivalry, the Mediterranean, and the Crown of Aragon constitute the threefold axis of this collection of essays. The three are at the forefront of a real struggle among civilizations that took place around the borderland surrounding the Mediterranean in the late Middle Ages, namely in the Iberian and Italian peninsulas and the Balkans. In fact, it could be said that the late medieval Mediterranean came to be defined precisely because of this struggle. Chivalry thrived in its milieu both in real and fictional terms amidst conquering kingdoms, ethical chevaliers and knight kings that helped shape the identity of the Catalan-speaking territories. This collection of articles includes the work of: Antonio Cortijo Ocaña, Abel Soler, Vicent Martines, Montserrat Piera, Gabriel Ensenyat Pujol, Ferran Garcia-Oliver, Òscar O. Santos-Sopena, Joan Molina Figueras, Vicent Josep Escartí, and Veronica Orazi. 

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Chivalry and the Crown of Aragon: A Mediterranean Journey in Search of Identity; Antonio Cortijo Ocaña    7

1. Curial and Tirant: The Social and Literary Crisis of Chivalric Ideals in the Mediterranean “Borderland”; Abel Soler    19

2. The Mediterranean Dawn of Chivalric Narrative (Girart de Rosselló and the Roman de Jaufré): Medieval Literary Chivalry and Its Early Mediterranean Connection; Vicent Martines    35

3. Of Shipwrecks and Epiphanies: The Mediterranean Wanderlust of Iberian Knights (Apolonio, Tirant, Curial, Cervantes); Montserrat Piera    61

4. Salvador Sureda, a Fifteenth-Century Majorcan Knight; Gabriel Ensenyat Pujol    85

5. State, Nation, and Language in the Middle Ages: The Crown of Aragon (Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries); Ferran Garcia-Oliver    101

6. Cross-cultural Identity, Language Development, and Medieval Catalan Culture: The Prehumanism of Ramon Llull; Òscar O. Santos-Sopena    117

7. Légende et image. Jacques Ier d’Aragon et la création d’un mythe historiographique et visuel de la monarchie (13e-14e Siècles); Joan Molina Figueras    131

8. Memory Construction: The Knight King Jaume I According to Troubadours and Chronicles; Vicent Josep Escartí    151

9. Comparing Tirant and Quijote: Four Plays from the Second Half of the Twentieth Century; Veronica Orazi    171


Series: Estudios de literatura medieval «John E. Keller», 14
ISBN 978-1-58871-316-2 (HB) $50