"¡Agítese bien!," edited by Pao/Hernández-Rodríguez

"¡Agítese bien!," edited by Pao/Hernández-Rodríguez

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¡Agítese bien!, A New Look at the Hispanic Avant-Gardes, edited by Maria T. Pao and Rafael Hernández-Rodríguez. 

From the Introduction: When we conceived of this volume, we had two principal criteria in mind. We wanted our contributors to focus on Hispanic avant-garde texts that engaged with extra-literary cultural manifestations, but we also wanted them to approach this writing on its own terms as high play, apparently ephemeral yet reflective of a supremely exciting moment in time. Our contributors responded admirably and we are very pleased to include them here. The texts that they read in the essays that follow, when considered alongside examples of more well-known vanguard writing, provide a much-needed shake-up, indeed.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Rafael Hernández-Rodríguez and Maria T. Pao... vii

Herky, Jerky: Playing Fast and Loose in Giménez Caballero’s Hercules jugando a los dados; Andrew A. Anderson... 1

Bodies in the City: Sports and Beauty in São Paulo of the ’20s; Mônica Raisa Schpun... 27

An Enormous Laugh: The Comic Spirit in Brazilian Modernist Literature; David Jackson... 49

The Avant-Garde Oratory of Ramón Gómez de la Serna; Nigel Dennis... 77

Heading West with Rafael Alberti and Buster Keaton; Willard Bohn... 119

Alma: The First Complete Motion Picture in Print; Henry Schwarz... 131

“The New Sweaty Beauty of the Century.” Avant-Garde, Sexuality, and Revolution in Mexico; Rafael Hernández-Rodríguez... 157

Transgressive Affinities (and One Difference) in Buñuel’s La edad de oro and Lorca’s El público; Víctor Fuentes... 177

In Hazardous Pursuit of Chance: Mapping the Surrealists’ Caribbean Sojourn (1941); Gerard Aching... 189

The View from the Wheel; Maria T. Pao... 213

An Aesthetics of Transience: Fashion in the Spanish Avant-Garde; Juli Highfill... 243

The Commodification of the Image of Spain’s “New Woman” by Mass Culture and the Avante Garde in José Díaz Fernández’s La Venus mecánica; Susan Larson... 275


ISBN 978-1-58871-022-2 (PB, 324 pp) $45