"Cervantes and the Renaissance," edited by Michael D. McGaha

"Cervantes and the Renaissance," edited by Michael D. McGaha

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Cervantes and the Renaissance: Papers of the Pomona College Cervantes Symposium, November 16–18, 1978, edited by Michael D. McGaha.

Many of the world’s leading Cervantes scholars gathered at Pomona College in 1978 to reassess Cervantes’ work within the context of Renaissance thought and art. The 14 papers were published by a young Tom Lathrop as the inaugural volume in his fledgling publishing house, Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, a name Tom borrowed from the original Madrid printer of Cervantes’ most famous works. In celebration of our 45th anniversary, we offer a complete reprinting of that first book, in paperback for the first time. You may recognize the authors—they have inspired thousands of students and influenced Cervantes scholarship for a generation:

Juan Bautista Avalle-Arce
Juan M. Corominas
Elias L. Rivers
Michael D. McGaha
L. A. Murillo
Manuel Durán
Francisco Márquez Villanueva
Eduardo Urbina
John J. Allen
Ruth El Saffar
Edward H. Friedman
Robert M. Johnston
Bruce W. Wardropper
Helena Percas de Ponseti

Series: Documentación cervantina «Tom Lathrop», No 1
ISBN 978-1-58871-401-5 (PB, 264 pp.) List price: $45. Limited time price: $25